Pickin’ the WCHA, Feb. 24-28

It’s a busy week in the WCHA starting and ending with Alabama Huntsville and Bowling Green as nice bookends over a five-day stretch.

Things are heating up in the chase for the playoffs, and every game now means something to both teams.


Alabama Huntsville at/vs Bowling Green (Wednesday/Sunday)

Jack: It’s going to be a strange week, with games every single day (we already had one Tuesday). This series has a few days between home-and-home dates, which is also strange. The Chargers have been playing better but I can’t see them winning either of these games. Falcons sweep, 4-1, 6-3
Daver: While it is non-traditional, most of this season has been non-traditional, so why not have a home-and-home that goes Wednesday-Sunday? I remain impressed by the Falcons, despite some of their recent shortcomings. The Chargers are still a ways away from being a winning team. Falcons sweep, 3-2, 4-1

Bemidji State at/vs Minnesota State (Thursday/Saturday)
Jack: A big bounce back by the Beavers last weekend against Michigan Tech. They’ll need to win all six of their last games down the stretch here to have any chance of the NCAA tournament at-large bid, one would think. That said, beating the Mavericks twice is going to be a tough ask. I think this is a split. Mavericks win Thursday, 3-2; Beavers win Sunday, 2-1
Daver: Man, the Beavers did some things that defied logic in Houghton last weekend. Get outshot by double each night, yet win both, impressive. I admit, I am curious to see if that same strategy could work against the Mavericks as well. I admit, I am in agreement with Jack on a split here. Mavericks win Thursday, 4-3, Beavers take Sunday, 3-1
Northern Michigan at/vs Michigan Tech (Friday/Saturday)
Jack: The third of the home-and-home rivalry series this week, the Huskies have won all four games these two teams have played this season. I’d like to think it’s possible for the Wildcats to win at least one, but I don’t think they are going to win both. Huskies win Friday, 4-2, Wildcats win Saturday, 3-2
Daver: No matter what team you are facing, it is tough to win four games in a season against them, let alone five or six. However, I liked what I saw from the Huskies on Tuesday in their win over the Lakers, and I just don’t see the Wildcats taking that next step yet. However, these will be one-goal games. Huskies sweep, 2-1, 3-2
Lake Superior State at Ferris State (Friday)
Jack: These teams are also doing a home-and-home, but the final game (in Sault Ste. Marie) won’t be until March 6. Either way, I can’t see the Bulldogs winning this one. Lakers win 4-1
Daver: Boy, tough night Tuesday for the Lakers over in Houghton. They deserved a better fate than that, but that is the way hockey goes. I have a feeling a game against the Bulldogs at home might be just what the doctor ordered. Lakers win 5-2