Atlantic Hockey announces reworked 2020-21 schedule up to conference tournament play

Following extended absences from a handful of member institutions, Atlantic Hockey announced Tuesday that conference officials spent the last few days reworking the remaining schedule to create “the most equitable schedule possible” given the limited number of weeks until the start of the postseason conference tournament.

The goal of the schedule rework was to give each team at least four games against their pod opponents. Some teams will reach the originally-scheduled five-game mark within the pods, most of which are coming in the east pod, but the schedule rework ensured that each team had at least four games and provided for home-away balance.

The exception to the four-game season series mark is Canisius-RIT, who, because of quarantine restrictions coming back from Air Force, could only find three dates to play each other. The league office and the two schools will work to find a fourth date and appropriate updates will be announced if that comes to fruition.

Furthermore, while the schedule remake is helping get the teams that were shut down to reach more even footing with their counterparts, Atlantic Hockey will be evaluating the schedule on a week-to-week basis now. If any teams are forced to pause down the stretch, the league will do “everything possible” to fill those slots with games to keep teams playing until the tournament.

The full updated schedule will be available on the Atlantic Hockey website.